Making Mobile Technology In the Enterprise Possible

Sleek. Bold. Functional.

This is at the heart of every VAULT product. Designed with real-world users in mind, we transform consumer technology into purpose-built business tools made for today’s enterprise organizations.

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What We Do

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Enclosures, Mounting Solutions, Battery Tech, and More

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In-House Design

Dedicated team of engineers solely focused on delivering quality and performance in every product.

Custom Services

Kitting & Deployment

Serving partners with kitting and provisioning needs – truly an end-to-end offering.

Fulfillment Services

Dedicated Support

Team of passionate people who want our products to serve businesses seamlessly.

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Payment Enabled Devices

In-person commerce is at the core of every business. Being able to transact and connect with customers where they are is crucial. VAULT focuses on taking consumer-grade phones and tablets and connecting them with today’s industry-leading payment devices.

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Seamless Charging Tech

Let’s face it – technology that is constantly needing a charge is a hassle to every business. We have built a platform that takes all supported phones, tablets, and peripherals and provides a simple power management source that keeps devices online all day.

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Custom Branding Made Easy

Your brand is your identity – it’s everything.

We can elevate the checkout experience with our in-house branding services. From applying a simple logo to a stand to a complete custom-branded box that wows the newly-won customer, our branding services can elevate any business.

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Millions of Tablets Protected Around the Globe

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