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Custom Design Services

White Label Services

Take your products the next level with our printing services. This process brands custom iPad stands with industrial-grade paint that will not chip or fade, ensuring logos will last. By branding hardware with a logo, a company will build brand awareness and differentiate itself among competitors.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging and boxes can transform your brand into the complete package. With complete personalization on build materials, colors and finishes, you can deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Kitting & Fulfillment

VAULT’s industry-leading service doesn’t end with designing and engineering your ideal custom iPad stand. We ensure your product is cared for, end-to-end, with our enterprise fulfillment. From bundling options to custom packaging materials, VAULT can provide your business with a top-of-the-line solution. Entrust us every step of the way to manage your product’s creation through delivery to you or your client’s door.

Custom Solutions

Our process begins with rapid prototyping using 3Dprinting technology- and minimal time and resources. Once we have the perfect design, we construct your custom iPad stand using only high-quality metal and plastic materials to ensure tablets are protected even in the toughest conditions. The entire process is backed by engineering excellence, to provide you with cutting edge innovation without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of VAULT’s Branding Services

Build Brand Awareness

Your vision for perfect customer experiences is possible with VAULT’s custom solutions. We allow you to completely control product design while taking advantage of our industry expertise and unparalleled aesthetic and customization options.

Stand Out Against Competitors

The possibilities are truly endless. Our team of engineers design, prototype, and produce a solution tailored to your needs with our RAPID custom enclosure process.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Leave a lasting first impression with custom branded enclosures and kiosks.

Turn the checkout into a brand showcase.

See how Upserve by Lightspeed leveraged the expertise at VAULT to design and produce an award-winning product.

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